The Great Adventure Lego 2 : and after, what is the next movie of Lego ?

While “The Great Lego Adventure 2″ is out in theaters hexagonal, focus on other animated films Lego in preparation. 2019 WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT INC. The Great Lego Adventure 2 was just recently released in theaters in france. The opportunity to update you on the upcoming animated film Lego in preparation. Fans of these toys, rejoice : should soon see the day a sequel to Lego Batman in 2017 and an adventure titled ” The Trillion Brick Race. Lego, Playmobil, Barbie, Funko : toys come alive to the screen The director Chris McKay confirmed last December that Lego Batman 2 was well into development. “We are working on it at this very moment. In the meantime, LEGO Batman will be very present in LEGO 2”, had indicated the Us on the social networks. The proposed spin-off The Billion Brick Race, focus on racing and announced in march 2015, with the duo Jason Segel/Drew Pearce to write has been a bit of a delay since it was originally out in theaters this year. Anything to worry about ? And what about a third part of the Great Adventure Lego ? The fans are no doubt eagerly awaiting the green light from the studios Warner, but the figures are modest in the second film (almost $ 106 million of revenue in the world to this day), compared to those of the first (469 million), people tend not necessarily to the optimism. The Great Adventure Lego : 15 the cult characters from pop culture and their alter-Lego : See the slideshow Slideshow The Great adventure Lego : the 15 characters cult of pop culture and their alter-Lego 15 photos

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