Skull & Bones : TV series in development for Ubisoft

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the publisher Ubisoft is developing a series adapted from a game coming up and waited for the end of the year, “Skull & Bones”, which takes place at the end of the golden age of piracy in the Eighteenth century. Ubisoft According to information reported by the Hollywood Reporter, the publisher Ubisoft is developing a series adapted from his licensed video game coming Skull & Bones, which should in principle be out at the end of the year. This is a first for the publisher, since he has always made sure to get a game before announcing a later development into a film or series. The publisher has teamed up with Atlas Entertainment (Dirty John, the series, the army of the twelve monkeys in particular) to develop a drama that will take place, as in the game, towards the end of the golden age of piracy in the Eighteenth century, and of which the title role will be a female character. The future series will be produced by Danielle Kreinik, while Amanda Segel, executive producer of the series, The Mist, will write at least the pilot. Anyway, in the meantime the very distant distribution of this series Skull & Bones, you can always make or remake the full of the great series Black Sails. As a reminder, Skull & Bones is a game of naval combat that takes players on the choppy waters of an open ocean, multiplayer and systemic, that will react to their actions and evolves to put their skills to the test. Taking advantage of the expertise of the studio Ubisoft Singapore on the gameplay naval made on Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag (the episode which was taking place at the time of the pirates just), Skull & Bones includes a management system of the wind which, once mastered, will offer players extra tactical opportunities : to sail faster, shoot farther, do more damage, avoid enemy fire devastating, and position themselves optimally to decimate their opponents. Players can also build their own fleet of ships and use the customization options to adapt each of them to different conditions of combat they may face. If the title appears before any thought for the multiplayer, it’s a safe bet that Ubisoft does the same thing that its For Honor : a title primarily oriented towards multiplayer, but also possessing a small down in the mouth with a single-player campaign, which is expected to be unveiled much later. The game is, therefore, expected for 2019, without more of precision. And to see what it looks like, nothing beats a few images from a Trailer, it is very effective here. First, the Cinematic Trailer, unveiled at the last show of the E3 2018 : And below, a trailer of gameplay :

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