The song "I dance the mia" IAM going to become a movie with Rayane Bensetti and Jul

A tube 90 is preparing to switch decks to the coils ! A film inspired by the music of IAM “Je danse le mia” is a project with Rayane Bensetti in the lead role. Bestimage Tube staple of the 90’s, accompanied by a clip fabulous directed by Michel Gondry, I dance the mia will soon become a film ! As reported by our colleagues from the French Movie, the young production company Marvelous (founded by Vivien Aslanian and Roman the Great, both came from Pathé Films) is in advanced development of a film inspired by the worship song of IAM. These titles of films that you automatically put a song in the head ! The plot will follow a young boy living in the 90’s at Marseilles, finding themselves teleported into the present from the rapper Jul. The screenplay is co-written by Michaël Youn and Matt Alexander (The Ball and chain, full Board…), who produced the film. Rayane Bensetti will take the lead role. It should intersect with other rappers of today, who, as the Jul, would make their first steps in the cinema. Akhenaten, the lead singer of IAM, will oversee the project. The date of entry into the shooting is not yet known. The movie clip dolly Michel Gondry :

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