Nina : the series of France 2 will stop at the end of season 6

While the season 5 of “Nina” is expected in the fall, the series medical France 2, led by Annelise Hesme will stop in 2020 after a sixth and final season which should be shortened to six episodes. REMY GRANDROQUES / BARJAC / FTV Bad news for fans of Nina. According to Tv Entertainment , the series medical France 2, launched in 2015, will stop next year at the end of its sixth season, which will be shorter than the previous one, and will only contain 6 episodes. Interviewed by our colleagues, Annelise Hesme, the performer of the heroine Nina Auber, has confirmed the news and said that the series did the costs, as well as other series before it (one thinks in particular We are going to love a little much or Lebowitz against Lebowitz), reorganization, operated by Takis Candilis, appointed director general delegate to the antenna and programs of France Télévisions in January 2018. “This is not against Nina, there are a lot of series that [Takis Candilis] stops or to which he removes episodes,” says the actress. “It controls less. I think there’s a little bit of a redesign, as every time there is someone that moves… After I’m intermittent, I’m not a nurse. There was a time, it takes a while it stops”. But the fans can rest assured that Nina has not yet completely put away his coat in the closet, as this final season, scheduled to be filmed this autumn, will be broadcast in 2020. And before that, viewers of France 2 will be able to discover at the start the season, 5 new, made up of 12 episodes, including the shooting has just been completed and will show the consequences of the terrible attack that occurred during the last seconds of the season 4.

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